Cristal Announces Product Brand Change in Saudi Arabia

Effective October 2013, all Cristal TiO2 products manufactured at the Yanbu, Saudi Arabia facility will transition from a Cristal product name to the product brand TiONA®.
·         All Cristal product names will change to TiONA®, but will keep the same product number identification.
·         Paperwork will reference the TiONA® brand and product number. This includes invoices, safety data sheets (M/SDS), bills of lading, placards, etc.
·         Marketing materials will reference the TiONA® products, such as brochures, product presentations, website pages, etc.
·         Packaging graphics will change to the corporate brand for Cristal and incorporate the TiONA® brand name. Specific product numbers will continue to be inkjet printed on the side of the bag or on a placard, depending on the size of the bag. The packaging changeover will be a phased approach and will take place over several months.
The changes to product brand names and packaging are illustrated below.